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Our small village of Flieth with 150 souls lies in the middle of the picturesque hilly moraine landscape of the Uckermark, surrounded by meadows, forests, hills and lakes. Only an hour away from the metropolis of Berlin, in one of the most sparsely populated and most biodiverse regions in Germany, you are surrounded by nature with lots of fauna and flora and an incomparable expanse. Flieth is located in the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve and, despite its very manageable size, has a lot to offer - in addition to the diverse surroundings and numerous lakes, there is a beautiful church ruin in the village, a restaurant with a beer garden and a cafe that offers breakfast, as well as an organic shop with great products from the Uckermark. Despite the uncharacteristically large offer for such a small village, it's very quiet here - especially in the evenings, it gets really quiet and on clear nights the sky is full of stars. In the immediate vicinity are other beautiful villages such as Fergitz, Pinnow, Gross Fredenwalde and several lakes, cycling and hiking trails through nature reserves, and beautiful vantage points over the typically hilly Uckermark Ice Age landscape. The advantages of our village are enjoyed not only by tired city dwellers, but also by a pair of storks, which raise their offspring every year in the middle of the village. It is only 5 km to Gerswalde, and only 8 km to Wilmersdorf train station, with a direct connection to Berlin, making it completely possible to leave the car at home all together.

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