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There are an incredible number of beautiful and even award-winning hiking trails in the region, here is just a small selection: 


  • Hiking trail from Flieth to Fergitz (via Wrietzensee) and then back to Flieth via Gut Suckow

  • Hiking trail from Flieth to the Pechberg vantage point (in Vossberg) and back via Suckow

  • Hiking trail from Flieth to Vossberg, then in the direction of Gross Fredenwalde and back

  • Hiking trail from Flieth to Stegelitz and back via Suckow 

  • Hike from Flieth to Ort Weiler, Kaakstedt and back to Flieth 

  • Hike from Flieth through the Eulenberge via Wrietzensee, 3-lake view and back via Fergitz

  • Circular hiking trail in Gross Fredenwalde on and around the old vineyard

  • Hike through the nature reserve 'Schwemmpfuhl' near Gerswalde

  • Hike from Poratz around the Briesensee

  • Hike through the Charlottenhöhe near Prenzlau

  • Hike along the wall path around the Oberuckersee

  • Grosser Boitzenburger hiking trail (was voted one of the most beautiful German hiking trails)

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